Monday, July 7, 2008


"If you judge people,

you have no time

to love them...."


sathukudi said...

a truthful and wonderful quote..

leviuqse said...

we judge people coz we don't take a closer look at them

Pinay WAHM said...

Very true! Musta na ka JM? Mumuran ken? Keni kasi alang patugut ing uran. Makabusit!

Mimingat ka lagi!


Imelda said...

Thats indeed super right. Musta ka na sis?

Our Love Story said...

we have our own "treasures" and "trashes" inside us... there's no way we can judge others without looking at ourselves first... pero minsan we easily judge people... i guess it's one of the human natures... but if we try to prevent it... then it's a virtue!

have a great week!!!! take care always!