Thursday, May 29, 2008



You First Believed - Hoku

How many times did I pray
You'd find me
How many wishes on a star
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I'd see your face
Safe at home unafraid
Captured in your embrace

So many times
When my heart was broken
Visions of you
Would keep me strong
You were with me all along
Guiding my every step
You are all that I am
And I'll never forget

It was you who first believed
In all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes
You held my hand
And showed me life
And I've never been the same
Since you first believed

There were times
When I'd thought I'd lost you
Fearing forever was a dream
But it wasn't what it seemed
Placing your hand in mine
You could see in the dark
You were guiding my heart

It was you who first believed
In all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes
You held my hand
And you showed me life
And I've never been the same
Since you first believed

How many times did I pray
You'd find me
How many wishes on a star


Sending a greeting once again to a dearest cousin, Juliet, who has celebrated her 23rd birthday this 29th of May. Sorry I wasn't able to come for dinner, nagbabantay kc ng bahay :( And for a late greeting. ikaw pa tumawag sa 'kin. :D and hey ate Wends, tampo c jhuls, ali ka din daw meg greet aww. and also Troy. Nevertheless, God Bless You Tetet. Happy Natal Day. iloveyou and u know that :) muah!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


THIS tag was from Malaya, Wendy, Haze (hope it's okay if i incorporated all three :P) thanks for this friendship tag, I hope also that the people I’m tagging will respond and continue passing this meme.

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6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

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Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Belated Birthdays to Kuya Berly (May 23) and Ate Cel (May 23) and Erik (May 25), few of my good friends. I've been out and busy lately. More blessings and birthdays to come.
To Kuya Berly, thanks for always treating us, kakabusog kang kasama hehe :D yaman kc ng laboratory mo. haha :) Masaya pang kasama. Am wishing you more blessings and sana more luck also to your next plan of opening a new lab. :tsup:
To Ate Cel, thanks for the advices. you've been like a mother too. and bagets na bagets pa din, a beautiful mum :) Good health for you, sana magka-apo na nga before reaching 50's lol
To Erik, i know things aren't goin' smooth for you lately but i still wish you a happy birthday, and Goodluck for the next semester. Thanks for the friendship you've offered me. Just here when u need someone to listen to ;) :hug:
GODBLESSYOU guys! love yah mwahh

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Is better to njre the
of Education

than to taste the bitterness
of Ignorncf...


ala kung balung sulat ngeni, pero masaya kc akasabi ke e dude till 3am time na(6pm keni). mepuyat ya ulet dahil kaku, ehe. ayos mu ita, masaya ne man din, lol just tried to let out what all has been feeling all this time, relief, pero turned him down. ali ku pa talaga feel. next time namu if pwede 'ta pa. balu ku busy pa ing oras.. time'll lead us. who knows. goodluck kekami, pati planu lahat lahat. list 'em down dude! :) basta tsu ku keni, friend kata u know that. kahit atin tana pareho, db? ;) malay mu ihip ning hangin magbayu. xD Basta God Bless kekata. GoodLuck ken Bie! :P) :hug:

Monday, May 19, 2008


tagged from: of colors and styles thanks! :)

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Kid’s Question #1 - If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

Participants:Jhong, Alpha, Women Xplore, Em, Something Purple, Our Journey to Life, My Planet Purple, Princess Bela, Princess Vien, cookie jar of entertainment, allinkorea, kim, idealpinkrose, korean food, Jackie’s Everyday Life, Jackie Simply Pinay, A Whole New World, Tasteful Voyage, A Mom’s note, There’s no place like home, The Girlicious side of a woman, My Online Journal, Thoughts Of Me, Precious Words, In My Kitchen, Something Purple, Bigeyedgal, Chronic Shopper, A Simple Life, Hailey’s Beats and Bits, Hailey’s Domain, PinayWAHM, Teacher’s Corner, ZangCaesar, Mckhoii, Gel, Filipino in Canada, Of Colors and Styles, DAILY ROUNDS you're next!

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jm's answer: who would get mean with that eh? No one can live and die alone. i will be happy to share and be fair with the world :)

Tagging: Lean, zhoe Wynz, janu-jenn.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


haay bad weekend for me last week grrr.. the whole day of Saturday was brownout till 11 in the evening pa 'ata, tinulugan ko na kc then woke up nang dumating and did blogging hehe, tapos sinabayan pa ng pagbaha downstair about ankle high, kapagod pa tuloy. then Sunday morning came, ayun brownout ulet ng 10am , haay, on and off brownout, di tuloy nakapagblog si Lean. awww. napakainit pa kagabi, poor talaga ng gov. shhh, lol
ohh well it's another week, hope what lies for us today is all that good... am gonna go to work na, bye bye. see yah later! :)
Good Morning to All of You. And Happy Monday!!
God Bless You !
Tsup :-*

Saturday, May 17, 2008


That sucks when rain/typhoon flood is getting inside the house and this happens today. It was nearly 3:00am when my aunt and I heard raining cats and dogs outside and we were alarmed to get up to raise things downstairs that needed to be raised in order not to get them damage by this. It happens yearly and it really sucks and tired doing the same thing all over again. My family is planning of renovating Lola's house for the second time since it last took its renovation i guess if I'm not mistaken last 1994(?) :D This will happen next year if we can contribute money right away. Of course alot is needed for the expense, and every family member who's working should contribute more or less P100k to get it done soon. Alot of money though for a person like me who gets paid less than minimum eh? and this reason excludes me :) but hopin' i can get a good paying job (ohh God help me) soon to work my butt up and to help and lessen the expensed pain.
You know i love it when it rains; the weather, the coldness and the sound of raindrops falling not thinking of what the consolation it gets. but havin' the flood after continuous and hard rain i don't think i would want it no more. :(

Friday, May 16, 2008


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I am tagging aries, lean, marilyn, and liza


Start by doing what's necessary;
then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
- St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, May 15, 2008


:) hahah nakakatawa. i received text message this morning from someone who kinda liked me, and the message goes like (translated to Filipino),
"hey napanaginipan kita, mag - asawa raw tayo...yuck...tapos tinanong ka ng isa sa mga nars kung ano mo ako at sabi mo asawa.tapos sinabi ng nars na dating bf yan ni Jily eh. at dun na natapos ang dream ko...hehe weird."

weirdo talaga noh! hmm, i was thinking iniisip nya pala 'ko before sleeping *wink*
ohh i remember other dream a friend of mine dreamt saying i kissed him daw?! ohh well kung alam ko lang may pagnanasa mga 'to sa akin eh, lol jk kaasar lang bat puro ganito dreams nila.haayy..
but yeah i really wonder how are dreams created?what do they meant to tell us? how can they be connected to the dreamworld and why can't we dream something we are so eager to dream about?

ohh well, it's time for me to sleep, i wonder who else is dreaming of me tonight and what about it :D
hmm, sana magka-dream ako na tumama sa lotto para masaya lahat and eventually do come true! heheh :p)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i bought a dvd movie of When Love Begins, and just done watchin it tonight.. okay naman yung story, maganda din. i was moved by it, may nakakarelate na ibang part tas bigla na lang maiinis dahil sa situation nila. they were goin' out together and yet no commitment and responsibility. just pure companionship lang talaga. nakakainis isipin kung ikaw ang nasa situation ni Ben(played by Aga M.) na you love a person so dearly and yet the other don't care to bother at all what you've been feeling all this time. and if were to be in Mitch's (played by Anne C.) part, okay nga, masaya at happy-go-lucky pa and don't have to think of any commitment and responsibility para di ka lang masaktan. minsan tuloy parang naiisip ko i don't want a relationship to go deeper para di lang ma-hurt when somebody suddenly leaves yah without any reason at all. i had experienced it myself kaya tuloy ngayon ang mga nagpapalipad dyan, parang wala na sa 'kin, haayy.. sa ngayon wala sa 'kin talaga enjoy lang muna, but who knows someday :P

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


ohh yeah i wanna greet my younger bro's 23rd birthday. you maybe a real brat and stubborn but still i love you, :)
more birthdays and blessings comin' your way.
hope what i gave you is enough, alam mo na si ate. hahaha ! :p
GodBlessYou! muah :-* xoxo


nothin' good about it but i do feel little sad for stealing my make-up kit. ;c i didn't notice it was stolen 'til i found out this morning when i was planning to go out. you may find this a 'cheap' problem (which i do too :I) but something i've there are valuable which are mostly given by friends and relatives. i know i could still buy new ones but the brand names(no need to list) i couldn't 'cause i'd rather buy things i mostly needed than like these things, plus am really not into make - up stuffs ;/ People whom i live with have their suspects and i don't know who to think was it. This happened i supposed during our community's Feast Day when people were coming in and out of the house. i lived in a two-storey house, upstair has 3 bedrooms. One bedroom was used by a cousin and a gay giving her make over in preparation for a parade for the feast day(where ppl kept comin' in out). adjacent to it is mine where my messy things are all over the place not thinking someone would of entered the place..
what i was pointing out was why the kit was lost when next to it were my jewelries? i was like thinking even small things were being stolen as long as someone would be needing them..
ohh my, at first i felt sad that i lost something but i got to think maybe someone else was needing it more than i do, this somehow makes me feel good out of what happened, just hope that that someone wouldn't get bigger stuffs next :/
wait last question, if were asked like "hey, may nailagay /nakita / nadala ka bang make up kit dito?" would someone answered (if really DIDN'T) with "wala, bakit?" and if someone DID would he not added "bakit?" well, just wonderin' maybe tryin to investigate though lol :p

Sunday, May 11, 2008


"Be kind...
Everyone you meet is
fighting a hard battle."

-John Watson

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Greeting every mums Happy Mother's Day ! thank you for your unendless love for us your children. i know u sacrificed alot for us without u complaining anything, that's unconditional love for sure. :) and iloveyou mums for that. especially my "mader". iloveyou and thank you alot! sorry if sometimes i'm a brat, am i? lol (i think just earlier?). but yeah iloveyou so much ! muah ! :-x
Happy Mother's Day again to you pretty Mums!! :)

Friday, May 9, 2008


i would like to say Good luck to Erik, a friend, who'll have his interview later at 4pm in getting a new job.. am sure they will like your art portfolio, if not get them fired. lol :p
Congratulations too for you had finished your first degree in Art. The best of Luck again to your new school in San Jose University.
hey don't forget you said you'll be using me for your reference in some art stuff . lol xD be sure to make it good eh. :)

P.S. thank you to ate wendy for introducing me to the world of blogging. keep me posted and updated. :D loveU

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Mother's Day

Not sure what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Give Mom a Break
When you think of all that your mom does for your family, it's easy to see that she could use a break! Try scheduling a babysitter so that she can have a night to herself, or taking on some of the regular chores and duties she does around the house.

Additional Suggestions:

* Rent her favorite movie
* Make dinner or order her favorite take-out

2. Pamper Her
If pampering mom is what you want to do, you have lots of options to choose from. You could give her a massage, a manicure, or a pedicure. Remember, too, that these gifts don't have to cost a lot of money. Instead of spending $50 on a spa certificate, you can pick up all of the supplies you'll need at a local dollar store. Taking the time and effort to pamper her yourself if quite an act of love!

Additional Suggestions:

* Serve her breakfast in bed
* Give her a foot rub

3. Serve Her
What can you do for your mom that would really mean a lot to her? Perhaps you could clean out her car, or make several frozen meals to have on hand for busy evenings.

Additional Suggestions:

* Print out some "I-O-U" coupons for mom
* Clean the bathroom

4. Tell Her How You Feel
Mother's Day is a perfect time to put into words all of the warm and loving feelings you have for your mom. These are the kinds of gifts that she'll treasure forever.

Additional Suggestions:

* Write a simple poem
* List all the ways your mom positively touches your life

5. Spoil Her
What are some of the things that your mom really enjoys, but just never buys for herself? Call your aunt and your grandmother, and see if you could possibly chip in together and get mom something that would really surprise her. This can be as simple as buying her a box of her favorite chocolates or the body lotion she loves but rarely buys, to pitching in together on upgrading her cell phone. Be creative and see what different ideas you come up with.

Additional Suggestions:

* Buy a one-year subscription to her favorite magazine
* Purchase concert tickets to see her favorite band or artist

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It is a very common question, "How can I tell I'm in love?", but it is not an easy question to answer. What feels like love to one person may be nothing more than attraction to another. Some people fall in and out of love quickly and often while others are never really in love as much as they are in lust. This can get confusing when you are a teen because romantic love is a relatively new concept for you and you don't know what to expect. You are overwhelmed with all sorts of new feelings and social pressures. They are confusing. What is love? What makes you want a romantic relationship with one person and not another? How does your heart choose a partner? Why does love end? These questions can't be easily answered.

One of the most confusing quasi-love feelings is lust. Lust is a very powerful, very intense feeling of physical attraction toward another person.

Lust is mainly sexual in nature - the attraction is superficial based on instant chemistry rather than genuine caring. Usually we lust after people we do not know well, people we still feel comfortable fantasizing about. It is very common for people to confuse lust for love. But why? What is it about lust and love that make them so easy to mix up? If lust is all about sex, how can a relationship without sex be about lust? Teens struggle with this because they see lust in the Biblical sense, but lust isn't that sinister. Lust is about physical attraction and acting ONLY on physical attraction. Love is about much more than that. Yet many teens (and to be fair, many adults) confuse an intense attraction for some sort if divine love. For teens, since feelings of attraction are still new and since pop-culture sells sex and love as one package, it is very easy to get the two mixed up.

Lust is clearly not love. Love is based on more than just physical attraction. Sure, attraction is a factor, but love goes deeper than that. Love is based on caring, friendship, commitment and trust. When you are in love it is as if you have your best most trusted friend at your side AND you feel physically attracted to them. It is the best of both worlds! Love is a shared feeling between two people who have a vested interest in one anothers happiness. Love is not about jealousy. It is not about conflict. It is not about testing. Love is a positive feeling. If it is tainted by mistrust, jealousy, insecurity or spitefulness it is not really love but merely a pale copy. Love is the total surrender of your heart to another person with the security of knowing they will treat it better than you will. Love should feel good. It should not feel bad. Love should make you want to be a better person, it should not lead you to do something self destructive. Love is not demanding of your spirit but lifts it and makes it glow. Love is a good thing. Anything less is lust, deep friendship or attraction. So the sappiness aside, the question remains, how can you tell you are in love?

There is no easy way to find the truth behind your feelings or the feelings of another person but there are some tell-tale signs that love is blooming (or growing deeper). If you agree with 7 of the following 9 statements you are probably in love.

1. You know, because you have been told by your significant other, that your deep feelings are returned in kind.
2. The object of your affections makes you feel special and good about yourself.
3. If/when you feel jealous it is always fleeting; you trust your partner not to betray you or hurt your relationship.
4. Nothing makes you feel as serene as when you and your partner are together.
5. When you fight with your partner you usually make up within a few hours and you always agree that nothing is more important than you both being able to express your true feelings (even if they sometimes cause conflict).
6. Your partner never asks you to choose between him/her and your loyalties to your family and friends - if you do choose him/her over them you always have a good reason and it is always YOUR decision, and your decision alone.
7. Neither you or your partner feel the need to test the other's loyalties or feelings.
8. You are more yourself when with your partner than you are with anybody else.
9. If sex is part of your relationship it is by mutual desire and agreement without the slightest hint of commitment testing or persuasion.

From: Mike Hardcastle
Your Guide to Teen Advice.


"Men who are resolved
to find a way for themselves
will always find opportunities enough;
and if they do not find them,
they will make them."

- Samuel Smiles -

Friday, May 2, 2008


Sino ba ang mas mahalaga:
Ang taong mahal mo, o ang taong gusto mo mahalin?
Ang taong kasama mo buong araw, o ang taong iniisip mo bago matapos ang araw?
Sino ba ang mas mahalaga:
Ang taong nais mong makasama habang buhay, o ang taong hindi mo malaman paano ang habang buhay kapag wala siya?
Sino nga ba?:
Ang taong nagpaluha sa'yo, o ang taong nagpunas sa minsang pagluha mo?
Sino nga ba ang pipiliin mo?:
Ang taong muling nagbukas ng puso mo, o ang taong matagal nang nandyan sa puso mo?

Thursday, May 1, 2008


bakit sa tuwing maayos na ang lahat bigla na lang darating ang di inaasahan?
bakit kapag nakapagmove on na bigla na lang babalik?
bakit di makalimutan ang di naman para sa'yo?
bakit kailangan pang lumayo kung ayos naman na?
bakit di magawang ipaliwanag ang nais ilahad?