Tuesday, May 13, 2008


nothin' good about it but i do feel little sad for stealing my make-up kit. ;c i didn't notice it was stolen 'til i found out this morning when i was planning to go out. you may find this a 'cheap' problem (which i do too :I) but something i've there are valuable which are mostly given by friends and relatives. i know i could still buy new ones but the brand names(no need to list) i couldn't 'cause i'd rather buy things i mostly needed than like these things, plus am really not into make - up stuffs ;/ People whom i live with have their suspects and i don't know who to think was it. This happened i supposed during our community's Feast Day when people were coming in and out of the house. i lived in a two-storey house, upstair has 3 bedrooms. One bedroom was used by a cousin and a gay giving her make over in preparation for a parade for the feast day(where ppl kept comin' in out). adjacent to it is mine where my messy things are all over the place not thinking someone would of entered the place..
what i was pointing out was why the kit was lost when next to it were my jewelries? i was like thinking even small things were being stolen as long as someone would be needing them..
ohh my, at first i felt sad that i lost something but i got to think maybe someone else was needing it more than i do, this somehow makes me feel good out of what happened, just hope that that someone wouldn't get bigger stuffs next :/
wait last question, if were asked like "hey, may nailagay /nakita / nadala ka bang make up kit dito?" would someone answered (if really DIDN'T) with "wala, bakit?" and if someone DID would he not added "bakit?" well, just wonderin' maybe tryin to investigate though lol :p


Wendy said...

My goodness 'te Jel... I love your make up pa naman, so sad na nawala sila.... sigh!

Anyway... the lesson: If there is an occasion wherein people may come and go inside the house, make it sure that all the important things we're locked inside the closet.

Sino naman suspect ng mga oldies jan?

jm said...

awww, yeah 'te wendy,yung buong purple kit nawala. hinihingi din ni irish(friend ko)yung white lip gloss last week when she visited me.

Sino mag-aakala na may malikot pala na kamay na magkaka-interes pa sa nakakalat lang na make-up kit? haay.

suspects?dalawang taong magkaiba ng interes. i'll tell u when i see u, ehe