Saturday, May 17, 2008


That sucks when rain/typhoon flood is getting inside the house and this happens today. It was nearly 3:00am when my aunt and I heard raining cats and dogs outside and we were alarmed to get up to raise things downstairs that needed to be raised in order not to get them damage by this. It happens yearly and it really sucks and tired doing the same thing all over again. My family is planning of renovating Lola's house for the second time since it last took its renovation i guess if I'm not mistaken last 1994(?) :D This will happen next year if we can contribute money right away. Of course alot is needed for the expense, and every family member who's working should contribute more or less P100k to get it done soon. Alot of money though for a person like me who gets paid less than minimum eh? and this reason excludes me :) but hopin' i can get a good paying job (ohh God help me) soon to work my butt up and to help and lessen the expensed pain.
You know i love it when it rains; the weather, the coldness and the sound of raindrops falling not thinking of what the consolation it gets. but havin' the flood after continuous and hard rain i don't think i would want it no more. :(

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hi jm, i left a [ tag ] for you. :)