Sunday, May 18, 2008


haay bad weekend for me last week grrr.. the whole day of Saturday was brownout till 11 in the evening pa 'ata, tinulugan ko na kc then woke up nang dumating and did blogging hehe, tapos sinabayan pa ng pagbaha downstair about ankle high, kapagod pa tuloy. then Sunday morning came, ayun brownout ulet ng 10am , haay, on and off brownout, di tuloy nakapagblog si Lean. awww. napakainit pa kagabi, poor talaga ng gov. shhh, lol
ohh well it's another week, hope what lies for us today is all that good... am gonna go to work na, bye bye. see yah later! :)
Good Morning to All of You. And Happy Monday!!
God Bless You !
Tsup :-*

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Wendy said...

My sister texted me last night and she was so pissed off about that brownout.

Hope na may ilaw na ngayon jan!