Saturday, May 10, 2008


Greeting every mums Happy Mother's Day ! thank you for your unendless love for us your children. i know u sacrificed alot for us without u complaining anything, that's unconditional love for sure. :) and iloveyou mums for that. especially my "mader". iloveyou and thank you alot! sorry if sometimes i'm a brat, am i? lol (i think just earlier?). but yeah iloveyou so much ! muah ! :-x
Happy Mother's Day again to you pretty Mums!! :)

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janu-jenn said...

Happy mothers' day to your mom!

You have a cool blog... can we exchange links? I have four blogs, is it okay for you to link all four? I will link you in my blogs, too! My links are:

Memories by Jenn
Shutter Happenings
Le Kulitszie Familie
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Thanks a lot!